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Dress Code Changes Now Available
We’re focused on creating a health and safe learning environment where ALL students can be their best in mind, body and spirit, and our dress code and its enforcement is a key ingredient to achieving our goal.
School leaders have spent the past few months in deep conversation with staff, students and families about our dress code, and on January 12, 2022, the Board took action on findings from this six-month process.  Updates to the dress code are designed to ensure that the District’s Dress Code (Board Policy No. 5132) fulfills its purpose to:
  1. Support Student Safety
  2. Promote Health & Hygiene
  3. Prepare Students for their Future, and 
  4. Establish a Learning Environment Focused on Education
Ensuring that enforcement of the dress code promotes overall student well-being is also critically important. The 2021 Dress Code Review includes the creation of standard operating procedures for dress code enforcement.  Learn more about these best practices, and changes to Board Policy 5132 at