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Utilization of parent input is offered through a number of forums including site and community booster organization groups to ensure a diverse representation. These groups allow for on-going dialogue to take place between school staff and parents. These groups include all of the following below.

Parent Teacher Club

What is Parent Teacher Club?
The Parent Teacher Club is a non-profit organization of parents, guardians, teachers, students, and staff at our school site. Our mission is to plan community events to raise money to support the programs and educational experience that sets our school apart from the rest.  Membership is a great way to ensure future quality academic and co-curricular programs. Your membership requires no commitment of time or meeting attendance. We encourage you to take an active role in the education of our rising generation by joining the PTC!


 What does membership entail?

Membership is a great way to ensure future quality academic and co-curricular programs. Your membership requires no commitment of time or meeting attendance. We encourage you to take an active role in the education of our rising generation by joining the PTC! 

2018-2019 Parent Teacher Club (PTC) Meeting Dates




PTC BOARD 2018-2019
President -  Cassie German
1st V.P. -  Crystal Wilson      
2nd V.P. -  Amber McCutchen
Treasurer -  Kirsten Link

Secretary -   Vikki Swain
Membership & Spirit Wear -  Amber McCutchen
Snack Shack - Amber Alvarez


E-Mail - - freedomptc@gmail.com

Snack Shack Volunteers

Please click the link below to sign up for Snack Shack! 

Box Tops

box top logo Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to another great year at Freedom Elementary School!  Your volunteer coordinator for Box Tops for Education program this year is Lora Krier. This year, our goal is to raise $2000 for our school. Box Tops offers three easy ways to earn cash for our school through everyday activities such as buying groceries, shopping online and purchasing books.

Clip — Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of participating products and send them to school.  Box Tops coupons are worth 10¢ each when our school redeems them from Box Tops for Education.  

Shop — Shop at your favorite online stores through the Box Tops Marketplace.  Up to 8% of each qualifying purchase is automatically donated to our school.  There is no additional cost to your purchase and many exclusive deals and discounts can be found! 

Buy books — Purchase books online at Barnes & Noble through the Box Tops Reading Room.  Our school will receive 6% of your new book purchases and 3% of all other online purchases.  One of the easiest ways you can help is to sign up to support our school at www.boxtops4education.com.  You will learn about new and easy ways to help our school earn the extra cash it needs. 

Please turn in your box tops!!!!  Thanks for all of your support!

You can find a complete list of participating products at www.boxtops4eduation.com


Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC) & MAC & Kids


The primary purpose of the Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC), originally formed in 1988 as the Intercultural Advisory Council, is to assist in the formation and review of policies that assure non-discriminatory practices in all operational areas of the Clovis Unified School District. Its further mission is to assist in improving the cultural environment of the District. 

Freedom will hold four parent IDAC meetings this year to continue to build cultural competency on our site. Administration will solicit ideas and feedback from our parent community at all meeting on ways in which we can improve the cultural environment and acceptance for all students on our campus.  

The IDAC meeting schedule for the 2018-2019 school year will be as follows: 

1st Quarter IDAC Meeting- 10/23/18 @ 5:30

2nd Quarter IDAC Meeting- 1/22/19 @ 5:30

3rd Quarter IDAC Meeting- 3/26/19 @ 5:30

4th Quarter IDAC Meeting- 5/7/19 @ 5:30

Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) & Kids

MAC & Kids is a quarterly event hosted by Freedom teachers, parents and/or community members where we celebrate and honor all the diverse cultures represented at our school. At each quarterly MAC & Kids event a different culture or country is highlighted to create awareness and respect of various cultures. All Freedom parents and their children from grades Kindergarten through 6th grade are encouraged to attend the quarterly MAC & Kids events. Freedom’s Mac & Kids motto is- One World: Many Friends. 

The MAC & Kids meeting schedule for the 2018-2019 school year will be as follows: 

1st Quarter MAC & Kids Meeting- 10/23/18 @ 6pm

2nd Quarter MAC & Kids- 1/22/19 @ 6pm

3rd Quarter MAC & Kids- 3/26/19 @ 6pm

4th Quarter MAC & Kids- 5/7/19 @ 6pm


 For more information contact: kristenbelknap@cusd.com


IDAC Downloads

Minutes for Quarter 1 IDAC Meeting
Minutes for Quarter 1 IDAC Meeting
Agenda for Quarter 1 IDAC Meeting
Agenda for Quarter 1 IDAC Meeting

Human Relations Council (HRC) & IDAC Student Activities

Students Art on Playground

Human Relations Council (HRC) & IDAC Student Activities

The #1 goal of Freedom’s Human Relations Council (HRC) is to be a positive influence on our campus; creating an environment of acceptance and respect for all students.  This student led group will brainstorm and develop ways to continuously promote a positive atmosphere of dignity, respect, and acceptance for all members of the Freedom community. 

The Human Relations Council will continuously model the 6 pillars of character through our daily conduct and strive to encourage fellow Trailblazers through random acts of kindness. 

In addition, the Human Relations Council will be a part of at least one service project each year in order to do our part in supporting our greater community. 


HRC Student Meeting Schedule 














HRC Supported Student Events on Campus: 

All student events will focus on developing a culture of dignity and respect for all students on campus.    


August 24th, 2018- No Backpack Day @ Freedom No backpack day will be a day where all

 Freedom teachers will be focusing on: team building, respect, building community in their classrooms, acceptance of all, awareness of other’s feelings and kindness.

November 7th- Dawali Art @ Lunch Time for All Students

December 19th, 2018- Hmong New Year Art @ Lunch Time for All Students

February 2019- Chinese New Year Art @ Lunch Time 

March 2019- School Wide Kindness Activity

April 2019- Freedom Cultural Fair featuring food & attire from various cultures

May 6th, 2019- Cinco De Mayo Art @ Lunch Time 

HRC Supported Service Projects: 

December 7th -14th, 2018- Halo Café Pet Food Drive, Benefiting Fresno County’s Pet Food Pantry 

January 14th- 23rd, 2019- Canned & Perishable Food Drive, Benefiting the Pinedale Food Bank  


 For more information on HRC, please contact:  courtneyspurrier@cusd.com

School Site Council

School Site Council (SSC):  meets quarterly with administrative, teacher, parent and student representatives to review and adopt the school site plan and grant final approval on all categorical funds.

For more information contact: shellycirco@cusd.com

SART Meetings

two girls smiling

Student Assessment Review Team (S.A.R.T.) Committee

The purpose of Freedom’s S.A.R.T. committee meetings is to study and evaluate the various components that comprise our total school and to offer input for ways of improving those components.

S.A.R.T. Committee Objectives will Include:

  •  To study and become knowledgeable about the various programs and components that make up the total school operation.
  • To discuss (as representatives of the community) the effectiveness and appropriateness of these programs and components relative to the goals of the school.
  • To aid in assessing school/community attitudes about the total school program.
  • Provide representatives for the Clovis East Area S.A.R.T. committees, as well as representation for the District S.A.R.T. committees. 
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